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The practice has now welcomed a new Advanced Physio Specialist Naomi.
Naomi can deal with  -

  • Neck pain, Whiplash
    Joint pains & stiffness
    Wrist, elbow, hand pain
    Muscle aches and strains
    Sore Backs / Sciatica
    General weakness after illness / surgery
    Sore Knees
    Sprained Ankles
    Sore feet
    Loss of confidence with movement and physical activity

We would also like to welcome Janelene the new CPN who specialists in Mental Health.


Our Practice Manager Rachel Hall is retiring at the end of February. We will Rachel all the best in her retirement.
The new Practice Manager is James Reilly and will commence on 17th February.



Dr Hamish Reid will be off for the foreseeable.

Rebecca Harley is now on Maternity Leave.
She has been replaced doctor Abigail Ordys.



PLT Afternoon Closure

The Practice will be closed from 12:30 on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 5th February
  • Wednesday 11th March
  • Wednesday 22nd April
  • Wednesday 13th May
  • Wednesday 17th June


This is for staff training. If you require medical advice, please call NHS24 on 111.